Pay Stub Images: Real Paystub Examples and Pictures

Pay Stub Images: Real Paystub Examples and Pictures

Pay stubs summarize an employee’s total earnings and deductions in a specific pay cycle. Generally, pay stubs contain almost the same information, but some pay stub images may depict different templates and additional details.

This article will explore the different pay stub templates and pictures based on the business type, employee’s nature of work, or employment status.

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What Are Pay Stubs?

Pay stubs are documents prepared and issued by employers every payday to summarize each employee’s gross and net earnings, withheld taxes, accrued and used paid time off, and other deductions and adjustments applied to their regular pay.

Employees use their pay stubs to track the amount of taxes paid on their behalf, including their contributions to retirement, healthcare, and life insurance premiums.

More importantly, employees can submit their pay stubs to banks, lenders, and landlords to prove their income when applying for loans or renting an apartment.

What Information Can Be Found on a Pay Stub?

Typical pay stub images contain the following information about an employee’s earnings:

  • Pay rate. It indicates the fixed rate or hourly rate paid to employees. An employee’s pay rate is multiplied by the number of work hours they complete in a pay period.
  • Gross income. This refers to the total wages or salary an employee has earned in a pay period or cycle before taxes and other deductions are subtracted.
  • Taxes. This refers to federal, state, and local taxes, including FICA and FUTA taxes withheld from employee salaries.
  • Voluntary Deductions. Voluntary deductions include contributions to retirement accounts and health insurance premiums.
  • Pay Period. The pay period is the time frame in which employees have completed working hours and earned wages prior to the scheduled pay date. On paystub pictures, the pay period is marked with its start and end dates.
  • Pay Date. The pay date is the date when employers release the pay stubs.
  • Net earnings. It is the total income earned by employees after taxes and other deductions are subtracted from their gross pay.

5 Real Pay Stub Images and Examples

Not all pay stubs look the same or use the same template, and it depends on the industry or specific needs of the employer or business issuing the said document.

As such, you may see different types of pay stub images that depict varying formats and details, such as the following examples of paystub pictures:

Commission Pay Stub

A commission pay stub summarizes the total commission an individual has earned. This type of pay stub is often used for workers who generate income based on their sales.

Direct Deposit Pay Stub

A direct deposit pay stub is an electronic form of pay stub that employees can access online, usually by logging into their company’s employee portal.

Self-Employed Pay Stub

Self-employed individuals can also generate their own pay stubs to track their earnings and taxes across different projects and clients.

Hourly Pay Stub

An hourly pay stub is widely used across different businesses, particularly those that employ wage earners or non-exempt employees. Most pay stub pictures of hourly pay stubs depict the hourly wage, number of hours worked, and overtime compensation of an employee.

Salary Pay Stub

A salary pay stub is used for employees who are paid fixed rates or those categorized as exempt employees.

It contains the usual information you can find on a pay stub, although this time, the overtime compensation is replaced with compensatory time off and other types of monetary bonuses offered by the employer.

How to Recognize a Fake Pay Stub?

There are three surefire ways to recognize a fake pay stub and differentiate it from a genuine one:

  • Sloppy and unprofessional layout. The easiest way to spot fabricated pay stubs is to check the formatting. If you spot inconsistent fonts, missing characters, misspelled words, crooked lines, or blurred spots on the pay stub, then it is most likely fake.
  • Incorrect information. It is crucial that pay stubs contain correct employee and employer information. That means the names should be spelled correctly, and all values pertaining to employee earnings and deductions must be 100% accurate.
  • Rounded numbers. Pictures of pay stubs depicting fabricated information often show rounded numbers on employee taxes and earnings.

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