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Our paystub generator is ideal for independent contractors, self-employed individuals, and small businesses.

Paystub’s easy-to-use invoice generator lets you make professional invoices effortlessly.

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Why Choose’s Invoice Generator

With Paystub’s invoice generator, you get:

  • Real-Time Results

    Generate invoices in a couple of minutes for every transaction and monitor payments seamlessly.

  • Simplified Billing Process

    Tracking customer payments, requesting deposits upfront, or establishing payment schedules for recurring payments? Our professional invoices will enhance your billing and accounting processes.

  • Faster Payments

    Create as many invoices as you need while saving time and resources. Consequently, increase your chances of receiving payments from customers earlier.

What is an Invoice?

An invoice is a document issued by a business to its clients requesting payment in exchange for the goods and services they have provided.

This document is a vital part of any business transaction because it helps manage cash flow by securing payments and enables an effective method to follow up on missing or late payments.

Invoices reflect all agreements between you and your customers, allow you to closely monitor your sales and profits, check your inventory, prevent disputes, and provide proof of transaction when needed.

How Our Invoice Generator Works

It takes 3 easy steps to create an invoice with our user-friendly invoice generator:

Step 1
Choose an Invoice Template

Customize your invoices with our templates. Select a template that best suits your preferences.

Step 2
Fill in the Required Information

Add the important details about your company and your client. Don’t forget to include the invoice number and date, tax type and rate (if applicable), discount type, and any additional information relevant to the transaction.

Step 3
Preview and Download Your Invoice

Click the “Preview” button and go over all the details to ensure your invoice is flawless from beginning to end. Once you’re satisfied with the invoice you’ve created, download a copy!

How to Customize Your Invoice With Our Generator

  • #1.  Create a Header

    Your invoice header must contain a name that provides a clear and straightforward description of the purpose of the invoice. The name also lets you keep your invoices well-organized. Better yet, upload a logo so your customers can recognize your business instantly.

  • #2.  Enter Company and Client Details

    Your company and client details specify you as the sender of the invoice and the buyer as the recipient. Always verify that all information inputted in your invoice is up-to-date and accurate to avoid errors in following-up payments and monitoring customer orders.

  • #3.  Add Invoice Number and Date

    You can use chronological invoice numbering, sequential invoice numbering, or customer invoice numbering. Format your invoice numbers in such a way that it enables convenient payment tracking for you and your clients. Don’t forget to add the date when the invoice is issued.

  • #4.  Include a Breakdown Goods and Services

    List all the items and services purchased by your customer. Enter the rate, quantity, and subtotal amount for each product. Here’s a tip: click “+ADD ITEM” to add or list more items, or click “X DELETE” to remove description boxes.

  • #5.  Add Tax

    Add the correct tax type for the order. For instance, if you are selling apparel with a corresponding sales tax to be added to the total price of the item, select the “On Total” option in the Tax Type drop-down menu.

  • #6.  Specify Payment Terms

    Provide clear and concise payment terms to protect your business against scams and non-payments. Payment terms include your preferred payment methods, payment channels, as well as penalties and additional charges for late or non-payments.

  • #7.  Write Any Additional Notes

    Additional notes are any significant information or terms and conditions in your customer’s order not covered in any of the sections described above. You can use this section to include a personal touch, such as a simple “thank you” note.

Why Use an Invoice Generator

  • Saves You Time icon

    Saves You Time

    Maximize your time and resources with our invoice generator, as you can create an invoice promptly upon receiving your client’s orders. You don’t have to worry about missing any details because all you need to do is enter the required information in the pre-written fields.

  • Digitalizes Your Invoicing icon

    Digitalizes Your Invoicing

    Are you tired of misplacing or accidentally discarding your invoices? Perhaps it’s time to switch to creating digital invoices! You can keep them in PDF format and safely store them in a folder on your computer or, even better, on the cloud.

  • Helps You Get Paid on Time icon

    Helps You Get Paid on Time

    Create and send your invoices in real-time to ensure your customers stay on track with fulfilling their payment obligations to your business. Since you can send invoices to customers via email, it is also easier to follow up on payments or stay on schedule for services that entail recurring payments.

  • Makes Record-Keeping Easy icon

    Makes Record-Keeping Easy

    Save a digital copy of the invoices created from our online generator. Or download and print a physical copy of your invoices anytime. The option to keep both a digital and paper-based copy of your invoices is practical and convenient for your business.

  • Saves on Personnel Costs icon

    Saves on Personnel Costs

    Paystub’s invoice generator lets you accomplish more accounting tasks and cut down on expenses you can use for other aspects of managing your business.

  • Improves Client Relationships icon

    Improves Client Relationships

    Create a lasting and positive impression on new and existing clients. Our templates help you maintain a professional image, while the digitized invoices adhere to client convenience and highlight efficient services.

Who Can Use Our Invoice Generator

  • Contractors

    Bill your clients on time and set up your invoices if you are expecting recurring payments for your services. Establish a unique brand for your services and provide an easy-to-read breakdown of all your rates and charges with our online invoice generator.

  • Freelancers

    Stay true to the flexible work setup of freelancing with a time-saving solution for creating invoices to secure your income. Processing invoices the traditional way takes too much time, and as a freelancer, you want a quick and hassle-free way to request payments from your customers.

  • Businesses

    Both big and small businesses can benefit from our invoice generator. Whether you own a retail shop, restaurant, digital marketing firm, or steadily expanding company, you are guaranteed to reduce costs, save time, and regulate your cash flow.

Testimonials From Our Users

I love the professional look!

As a freelancer, I love how Paystub’s invoice templates help make my invoices look professional. I want my clients to take me seriously, and one way to do that is to create invoices that exude the impression of a legitimate and trustworthy business.

Never had a customer miss a payment since!

My custom printing business has a growing customer base, and it’s tough to keep up with all of my customers’ orders. Paystub lets me generate invoices while on the go. I can download digital copies of my invoices and print them in case I need to present proof of a transaction later on.

More happy clients for me!

It’s so easy to use Paystub’s invoice generator! My clients enjoy the short amount of time it takes before they receive my invoices! It’s secure and accessible, and did I mention the generator comes with a built-in calculator? It's as convenient and accurate as it can be.

Types of Invoices You Can Make With our Generator

Can’t find the invoice you’re looking for? Don’t sweat it—our invoice template is designed to suit all business types!

Invoice TypeDefinition
Consolidated InvoiceA group of invoices compiled together for a single client who subscribed to multiple services or purchased several items from the seller.
Consultant InvoiceContains a breakdown of the billable hours and services a consultant or consulting firm offers.
Credit InvoiceA credit invoice is issued when a customer requests a refund, returns a product, or when certain adjustments have to be made due to discrepancies in the previous invoice.
Digital InvoiceA digital invoice is usually in PDF and can be easily forward to clients via email.
Freelance InvoiceThis type of invoice is used by self-employed agents or independent contractors to charge clients for their services.
Retainer InvoiceAlso called a consulting retainer, a retainer invoice is a fixed sum of money that covers the services and target deliverables expected from the consultant in a given time frame.
Small Business InvoiceSimilar to a typical sales invoice, a small business invoice contains the total costs charged for all services and products rendered to a client.
Tax InvoiceA tax invoice is issued when a buyer purchases taxable items or goods for resale purposes.

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