How to Get Pay Stubs From Walmart: 4 Methods Explained

How to Get Pay Stubs From Walmart: 4 Methods Explained

Whether you’re a current or former Walmart employee, knowing how to get pay stubs from Walmart is essential information for future use.

You may need to borrow money from the bank, apply for a mortgage, or find a new apartment. As such, you’ll need copies of your pay stubs to prove your earnings and qualify for your desired loan or apartment.

In this article, we’ll explain the four methods you can use to acquire and print your pay stubs from Walmart—as a former and current employee.

Key Takeaways

  • You can log into the OneWalmart portal or WalmartOne app to access or get your pay stubs from Walmart. You can also check your email or consult your manager or the HR department.
  • If you need to print your Walmart pay stub, log into the WalmartOne portal, find and open the pay stub you want to print, and click the Print Paycheck option.
  • Use the Print Termination Pay Stub on the OneWalmart portal to access your account and get your pay stub from Walmart after termination.
  • Your Walmart pay stubs are handy when you need proof of income to apply for loans or rent an apartment.

What Does a Pay Stub From Walmart Look Like?

A pay stub from Walmart should look something like the example below:

The detailed guide below will help you better understand each piece of information outlined on your pay stub.

Simply follow the number on the image:

  1. Pay stub header. The pay stub header includes the company name and address. You will also find the pay period covered by the paycheck (precisely, the start and end dates of the pay period), the date when the check was released, and the employee’s net pay.
  2. General Information. It includes your basic information as an employee of Walmart, such as your name, employee ID, address, the business unit where you are assigned, your pay group, department, location, and job title. If you paid biweekly, your pay stub shows your pay rate, and if you are paid semi-monthly, you should see your annual salary instead.
  3. Tax Data. Tax data refers to your marital status, additional percentages, allowances, and amounts indicated in your W-4 form. Your federal and state tax data are listed separately on your pay stub. The left column summarizes your federal tax information, while the right column details your state tax data.
  4. Paycheck Summary. Your paycheck summary includes your current and year-to-date earnings and gross earnings. It also shows your federal taxable gross income or the wage amount based on your federal taxes, total taxes, total deductions, and net income.
  5. Earnings. It details all the information about what you have earned for the pay period, such as the number of hours you worked, your rates, your total income for the completed pay cycle, and your updated YTD earnings.
  6. Withheld Taxes. This section shows a breakdown of the amount withheld from your gross earnings to pay your taxes. The information on your withheld taxes also includes your Social Security (Fed OASDI/EE) and Medicare (Fed MED/EE) taxes.
  7. Before-Tax Deduction. Your before-tax deductions list retirement contributions and deductions for your health and life insurance premiums subtracted from your gross pay before taxes.
  8. After-Tax Deduction. These are deductions on your gross salary after taxes. After-tax deductions include charitable contributions, union dues, 529 college plans, and disability insurance policies.
  9. Employer Paid Benefits. It summarizes all the benefits Walmart covers for their employees, which may include health and life insurance premiums and educational benefits.
  10. Net Pay Distribution. The net pay distribution explains how your employer disbursed your net salary. If paid via direct deposit, this section should include your Account Type, Account Number, and the deposited net amount. On the other hand, if you are paid in checks, you should see Issue Check under the Account Type and the Paycheck number.
  11. Leave Balances. It summarizes the different types of available leaves or paid time off you still have.

How to Get Pay Stubs From Walmart

There are four different ways to get pay stubs from Walmart, and these are:

#1. Use OneWalmart Portal

The OneWalmart portal is Walmart’s dedicated employee portal for their workers. It contains all information about their workers’ employment, including their check stubs, time cards, savings and retirement, health plans, career surveys, and available educational programs.

Walmart issues a username and password to each of its employees, and these credentials apply across all applications and services included in the Walmart Network.

Simply use your member ID and password to access the OneWalmart Portal. Once you’ve successfully logged in, click on My Money, then select My Paystub from the list of options.

If you forget your password, inform the Human Resources department or your manager.

#2. Check Your Email

Aside from the OneWalmart Portal, you can also check whether your manager sent copies of your pay stubs to your email.

Receiving your pay stubs from Walmart via email usually takes place if you opt to receive your payroll information through your email inbox.

#3. Use WalmartOne App

The WalmartOne app—official name Me@Walmart—is a free mobile application designed for Walmart employees.

Download WalmartOne from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Then, use your member ID and password to log into the app like you would when accessing the OneWalmart portal.

Aside from giving you quick and easy access to your pay stubs, the app also offers other services that enable you to track your benefits, apply for discounts, and check available opportunities to advance your career or find job positions within the company.

#4. Inquire With the HR Department

If you have not received copies of your pay stubs from Walmart, consult with the Human Resources department. You can email your manager-in-charge, reach out to HR, or contact their hotline at 1-800-925-6278.

For issues with your login credentials, you can also contact Walmart’s Field Support at 479-273-4357.

How to Print a Pay Stub From Walmart

You can print a pay stub from Walmart by following the steps below:

  • Step #1. First, log into the WalmartOne portal. Always consult your manager or the HR department for any issues or clarifications with your credentials. Also, don’t share your credentials with others for security and privacy.
  • Step #2. Next, under the “Me” dropdown menu, go to My Money > My Paystub. Once you click My Paystub, you will be redirected to a page showing your most recent pay slips. If you seek pay stubs from a specific pay period, use the search bar to find them.
  • Step #3. Open the pay stub you want to print, then hover your mouse over the upper right portion of the pay stub. Doing so should make the print icon appear.
  • Step #4. Click the Print Paycheck or Print PayStub option. Remember to save both electronic and printed copies of your pay stubs. Keeping electronic copies of your pay stubs from Walmart also comes in handy if you need to find and reprint your printed payslips.

How to Get Pay Stubs From Walmart If You Don’t Work There Anymore

Fortunately, you can still acquire your pay stubs from Walmart even if you don’t work there anymore.

Contact your manager or HR personnel or visit the nearest Walmart HR office as soon as possible to let them know you need to retrieve your last pay stubs from the company.

Make sure to give your updated mailing address or provide your working and latest email address to eliminate the possibility of your pay stubs getting lost in the mail or ending up in someone else’s inbox.

Another option you can check out if you want to acquire your pay slips as a former Walmart employee is to log into WalmartOne if you still can and click Print Termination Pay Stub.

Otherwise, you can download and print copies of your pay stubs from Walmart while employed to help you save yourself the trouble later on.

If you remember your pay rates and hours worked, you can also use a pay stub generator to replicate your last pay stubs if, for some reason, you cannot reach your former manager or it is taking them too long to mail your check stubs.

Why Should You Get Your Pay Stubs From Walmart?

You should get your pay stubs from Walmart, whether you are a current or former employee, because of the multiple uses and benefits you can reap later.

These benefits include:

Providing Proof of Income

Banks, financial institutions, and lenders acknowledge pay stubs as valid documents that prove a debtor’s source of income and financial status.

You need copies of your pay stubs to verify your earnings when you apply for a mortgage, a loan, or a place to stay.

Filing Your Taxes

You can use your pay stubs to backtrack all the taxes you have paid and still owe the IRS. Monitoring your taxes by comparing the amounts withheld by your employer from your gross salary lets you prepare in advance in case you still owe taxes or qualify for a refund.

Checking Your Gross and Net Income

Your pay stubs summarize all the crucial details about your earnings, your number of hours worked, your regular or hourly rates, and your total income for each pay schedule.

Since you can access your pay stubs online through the portal or the app, you must maximize this advantage and verify that any pay increases, benefits, or deductions reflect on your paycheck records accurately and accordingly.

Remember, mistakes in calculating your gross income lead to inaccurate net pay, withheld tax amounts, and voluntary contributions.

Checking Your Final Pay

Similarly, your pay stubs indicate whether your employer paid the correct amount for your last pay.

Print a copy of your last pay stub and raise any queries and clarifications about your final pay with your manager or HR personnel.

Final Thoughts

As an employee, you can view and check your pay stubs and all records related to your salary and employment.

Knowing how to get pay stubs from Walmart as a former or current employee comes in handy for applying for loans, renting an apartment, or keeping a close eye on your taxes. You can use the app, portal, or email for better accessibility and convenience.

How to Get Pay Stubs From Walmart FAQ

#1. How do I get my Walmart W-2 form online?

To get your Walmart W-2 form online, log into the OneWalmart portal, then send a request to download a copy of your Form W-2.

If you are a former Walmart employee, you may check if you still have access to the OneWalmart portal. Otherwise, you can consult with your former manager to see if you can use a third-party tax document service or try the Walmart OneWire website.

#2. Can I access my Walmart pay stubs after quitting?

Yes, you can access your Walmart paystubs even after leaving. Here’s how to get pay stubs from Walmart after termination: contact their Payroll Services Department and let them know you need copies of your paychecks.

Another option you can try if you have not received your last paycheck is to log into the WalmartOne pay stub portal and click Print Termination Pay Stub.

#3. How can I get my old Walmart pay stubs?

You can get your old Walmart pay stubs by logging into the WalmartOne portal or app. You can also contact your previous manager or Walmart’s Payroll Department.

#4. How often do Walmart employees get paid?

Hourly employees at Walmart get paid bi-weekly, with the first pay day falling on the 1st of each month and the second payday falling approximately two weeks after the first scheduled payout.


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