How to Get Subway Pay Stubs: 4 Methods Explained

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Knowing how to get Subway pay stubs is important for both current and past employees to secure their financial records and use them for various purposes, such as budgeting and applying for a loan.

Subway is one of the largest fast-food companies in the world, second only to McDonald's, with over 24,000 stores in the U.S. and more than 42,000 franchises globally.

With a business empire as impressive and steadily growing as Subway, it’s unsurprising that employees expect a systematic and seamless payroll processing system from this multinational fast-food franchise.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the different methods of getting your Subway pay stubs, so let’s begin!

Key Takeaways

  • The four main ways to get Subway pay stubs as a former or current employee include accessing the Subway MyWay Rewards portal, contacting the payroll department, visiting a franchise location, or using a pay stub generator.
  • Most Subway branches pay their employees via direct deposit, making it rare for the restaurant to release paper paychecks.
  • Subway typically releases employee salaries weekly, although some branches pay their staff bi-weekly or monthly.
  • You need to acquire your Subway pay stubs to apply for loans, rent an apartment, monitor and budget your finances, file taxes, and apply for government-sponsored financial assistance programs.

How to Get Subway Pay Stubs: 4 Methods

There are four main methods to get Subway pay stubs: accessing the Subway payroll system, contacting their payroll department, coordinating with the nearest franchise location, and using a pay stub generator.

Let’s get into each of these in more detail.

#1. Access Subway Pay Stubs Online

Employee portal log in to access subway pay stubs online

Accessing Subway pay stubs online through the Subway MyWay Rewards portal is the fastest and most accessible way to get copies of your paychecks.

To view your Subway pay stubs online, visit the Subway payroll website. The website will redirect you to the login page, where you must input your credentials to enter the portal. You can ask your supervisor about your credentials or create an account to access the portal.

If you are not automatically redirected to the login page, look for the MyWay Rewards tab. Once you’re in, find the option or tab that will lead you to access your pay stubs or payroll information.

Remember to double-check the information on your paycheck and find the pay stubs you need before downloading or printing them.

#2. Contact the Subway Payroll Department

Another method you can try if you want to get your Subway pay stubs involves contacting the Subway payroll department or Subway’s corporate headquarters.

This method works if you encounter technical issues while navigating the MyWay Rewards portal or need help logging into your account.

The payroll department’s contact information is on Subway’s official website. You can also ask your local Subway franchise to help you get in touch with the human resources or supervisor in charge of handling your payroll information.

When contacting the payroll department about your pay slips, ensure all the essential information and supporting documents are ready. Be prepared if you need to provide your full name, contact number, and employee identification number.

Let the payroll or HR personnel know you need copies of your pay stubs. If possible, specify the dates or pay periods covered by the pay stub copies you want to acquire.

#3. Go to a Subway Franchise Location

Subway franchise location

The third way to get your Subway pay stubs is to visit the Subway franchise nearby or the branch where you work.

Here’s a tip: Use the Subway store locator on their official website to save time locating the nearest franchise in your area. Also, note the branch’s business and non-peak hours to increase the chances of having personnel available to assist you.

Request to speak with the restaurant or branch manager and let them know that you want to access copies of your Subway pay stubs. Don’t forget to bring your employee ID to verify your identity as a current or former employee of the franchise.

#4. Use a Pay Stub Generator

If you’ve tried any or all of the first three methods described above and somehow didn’t get the desired results, you can always use a pay stub generator to create them yourself.

Our pay stub generator lets you produce as many pay stubsas you need if you have all the necessary information on hand.

You can choose from our selection of pay stub templates and save time by filling out the essential fields with your name, address, contact information, employer details, and the breakdown of your rates, deductions, and gross and net salary.

Once you’ve filled out the templates, preview the document to verify that all information is correct before saving or downloading a PDF copy of your pay stub.

The Importance of Pay Stubs

The primary importance of pay stubs is that these documents provide solid proof of your income.

At the same time, acquiring and saving copies of your pay stubs comes in handy in the following circumstances:

  • Applying for loans. Banks and financial institutions consider pay stubs reliable proof of income for debtors. Pay stubs summarize your gross earnings and net income, which lenders will then use as a reference in assessing your financial capacity to repay your desired loan amount.
  • Filing taxes. You can use your pay stubs to track the taxes withheld from your salary and check whether you qualify for tax returns or still owe taxes to the government.
  • Renting an apartment. Just as banks require pay stubs to prove your income, landlords also request copies of your latest paycheck to certify your earnings and show that you have a stable job to support your financial obligations as a prospective tenant.
  • Budgeting your finances. The easiest way to establish responsible spending habits is to use your pay stubs for financial planning, as they allow you to calculate your monthly expenses and savings. Whether you are a regular employee or an independent contractor, having copies of your pay stubs ensures you live and spend within your means.
  • Seeking financial assistance. An excellent example of this is the financial support granted to unemployed individuals. The federal and state governments assist individuals who were displaced from their jobs and are transitioning into new and stable employment. Your last pay stubs will show when you last received your salary and affirm your employment status.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to get pay stubs from Subway as a current or former employee, make sure you prepare the necessary documents and information beforehand.

These documents and information include your login credentials, employee ID, updated contact details, and address. Lastly, keep your communication lines open for any additional instructions and notifications regarding processing your payroll records.

How to Get Subway Pay Stubs FAQ

#1. How do I get my pay stubs from Subway online?

To get your Subway pay stubs online, log in to the Subway MyWay Rewards Portal using your credentials. Look for the option that will give you access to your payroll records. Once redirected to the page, find the pay stubs you need and download or print them.

#2. Can I receive physical copies of my Subway pay stubs?

Yes, you can, but it will depend on your location and the specific pay stub requirements. It is important to note that paying employees via direct deposit is a more common practice in most Subway branches.

If you need physical copies of your Subway pay stubs, you might have to download and print them yourself.

#3. How does Subway distribute salaries?

Generally, Subway distributes their employees’ salaries weekly, with the pay schedules running from Sunday to Saturday. However, some branches also follow the bi-weekly or monthly pay cycle, depending on the local or state regulations that apply.

Higher-ranking Subway employees may also follow a different pay schedule than entry-level staff.

#4. How can I get my pay stubs or W-2 form from Subway if I no longer work there?

If you no longer work at Subway, you can get your pay stubs by contacting the payroll department or your supervisor. Inform them that you need copies of your last paycheck records, and provide your name, contact information, email, and mailing address.

On the other hand, acquiring your W-2 form from Subway as a former employee may require visiting the franchise where you used to work. Ask to speak to your former manager or supervisor, and let them know you need your W-2 form to file your taxes on time.


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